Julia Engel Visits Le Mas des Poiriers

Photo credit: Julia Engel / Gal Meets Glam
Photo credit: Julia Engel / Gal Meets Glam

Who doesn’t love and follow Julia Engel and Thomas Berolzheimer.  My daughters and I had long been big fans and followers of Julia and Thomas when my daughter, Samantha, saw that they were in Provence and asked if we could invite her to the house.  The house was really just being finished and the gardens were not in yet.  I wondered if it was a good idea and if they would want to visit.  Samantha invited them to come for lunch and they accepted our invitation.  We were thrilled! We had not set-up our house culinary or housekeeping teams yet but Chef Severine from the La Mirande Hotel had been to the house to cook – I stayed at the La Mirande during the renovation and she said that she had to be the first chef to cook in the new kitchen, which I loved – so I asked Severine if she would come and cook lunch for Julia and Thomas.  She did and they spent a few hours with us taking the beautiful photos that only they can take.  

We loved that they came to visit and hope that they will come again very soon!  I was so happy to meet them in person last year in Positano, where we had a wonderful lunch at Le Sireneuse.  What a fabulous couple!

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